Wednesday 8 August 2012

Hand Embroidered Painted Fabric

The fabric [butter muslin] started as a wrapping cloth for steaming digitally printed fabrics so it had some colour and stains on it. I then used a handmade rolling stamp to add more colour and painted it when it was dry. I've used running stitches, French knots, bullions and some other embroidery stitches for decoration. Click on the image for a better look. I'm wondering what to do with it now - a book cover maybe?


  1. Oh this is beautiful!!! Adore the colours and the embroidery, great combination.

  2. I love this one! Book cover, quilt, pillow..ideas are dreamy and wonderful.

  3. I love these and would like more info on the process of colouring the fabric

    1. Thanks Lurline. A lot of the colour was already on the cloth from steaming fabrics, random blobs in all sorts of colours. More colour was added with the rolling stamp - the swirly pattern [check on previous posts about rolling stamps by looking through the labels on the right]. Then painted with a brush, sorry I can't remember what paints I used.


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