Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Take a stitch Tuesday - the stitch this week is Pekinese stitch which is a fairly simple stitch. You start with back stitch, then thread through the stitches with another thread.
The stitch is not new to me but I decided to work the stitch on some crazy quilting which is a first for me.  I have come across some really lovely examples of crazy quilting while checking out other peoples TAST samples which inspired me to try it.
It is only a small ATC and I used vintage fabrics to make it. I would try CQ again and hope to improve, having said that, my embroidery does not seem to get any neater the more I do [lol].


  1. Your stitches look neat to me. Pretty ATC

  2. This is nice. I like how you've switched out your border stitches. LOL I have to say the same about my stitching. Perhaps we make up in passion what we lack in neatness? That's what I keep telling myself, anyway.

  3. I was thinking of trying to do an entire project out of this is so amazingly fun and versatile! Your patch looks great! I think this stitch puts a lot of fun into a piece! Here is my attempt I just placed on my blog:
    Have a great day!


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