Sunday, 5 August 2012

Last pages from Sketchbook 16

It's a funny old day today, it seems to be cold one minute and hot the next. This morning I was sat outside drinking coffee, this afternoon I was picking hail stones off the bed! They had blown in through the open window while we were having a windy deluge and thunder and lightning. It is sunny again now.
I added texture to the pages by transferring parts of a newspaper supplement page with a glue stick, by pulling it off before it is stuck properly. This leaves a trace of the page which I painted over with watercolours. I used a pen to draw on the houses and trees.

Wax crayons, watercolours, pen text and found images

textured page, watercolours, and pen drawing

textured page, watercolours, found images outlined with pen 

textured page, watercolours, pen drawing, found images

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