Friday, 19 October 2012

Mushroom Stamp, TAST 42, Blue Book

 This is the drawing for a handmade stamp idea. I copied it onto lino soft cut and then carved out the dark areas with a sharp knife. I did this a while ago, but I kept forgetting to photograph the actual carving below.
And this is the print, I used a ink pad for this and I didn't print it very well, my desk was too cluttered.
Take a stitch Tuesday - the stitch this week is Italian border stitch.
I've used the stitch as an isolated stitch rather than a border. It is the red stitches on this WIP piece that I have shown before.
and the purple stitches on the piece below, two stitches together.

I've finished the blue book, I'll show the inside pages at a later date.


  1. Your mushroom stamp turned out really well. I have yet to try making one of my own. Your stitched piece looks great! Hopefully we'll get to see the whole piece? I have yet to do this week's stitch but will make time this weekend in between helping to put on the winter tires and going out into the hills for firewood.

  2. The isolated Italian Border stitches make very beautiful flowers. Love your card.

  3. Love your mushroom stamp and I think the print looks great!


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