Thursday, 4 October 2012

Recycled Printed Wipes

The other day I spent some time experimenting with some recycled face wipes I'd been saving. After washing them I put them in a bath of tea, but they just looked a bit drab so I thought I would print on them. I used some old screen printing paints, some heavy bodied A>2 chroma acrylics, and ordinary acrylics. The pattern was made on the top four by laying the wipe on a wallpaper texture plate. [textured wallpaper stuck to a thick card/wood base]. If it didn't look to good I went over it with another colour.

The leaf designs below were made with a shop bought plastic texture plate.

and the squiggles too

the bottom two - the lines were made using corrugated card then a flower stamp on top. The wavy lines below - this was a hand made stamp from fun foam stuck to polystyrene.

Now what shall I do with them?

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  1. A neat idea to recycle and experiment with wipes.


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