Friday, 12 October 2012

The end of the old and start of the new.

This is the last page from sketchbook 19 and the start of sketchbook 24 below. If you are wondering why it goes from 19 to 24 it is because I number all my books now and the ones from 20 -24 include the pamphlet book and the red journal which I've already posted about. Book 24 is A4 size which is bigger than sketchbook 19 but the paper in it is appalling, so I will be pleased when it is finished....the only trouble is I bought two of them at the same time... they were cheap. The promarker pens seem to work on them ok, the ink bleeds thru the paper and sometimes the back is better than the front. Most of my brush pens have dried up and I think this paper has sucked all the juice out of them. [hope the promarkers don't dry up too] I find it difficult to get a nice result with watercolours as well, the paper is too thin for washes but I have continued to use them in a scruffy un-neat way.

a whirl wind of leaves

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