Monday, 1 October 2012

Red Art Journal, Mixed Media Book

Red fabric journal - all the pages are made from the same fabric, a narrow cord. On the front there is a fabric flower with paper, sequins, string and a leaf; the letters 'red' with screen printed fabric and threads wrapped around them; red twine with sequins and beads. There are also tassels made from handmade paper beads with red sand on their ends.
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I've used art, found papers, printed papers, fabrics both found and printed, recycled items and bits and bobs from my stash and all to do with the colour red. All the edges have been oversewn on the machine and the front and back are padded and stiffened with card.
The book is available to purchase on Misi

On the inside cover I have a transfer print of images [label, bird, butterflies] from the Graphics Fairy on one of my digitally created backgrounds. On page two there are some hand painted/stamped papers stitched [machine and hand] on the background fabric, an inkjet print of my frog design, number charms, cat charm and a bead on a chain. There is also some lined paper to add some additional text or name.

Page 3 - some hand printed/painted fabric has been stitched on. Decorative machine stitching and some strawberries add to the decoration.
Page 4 - is Christmas themed with recycled parts of cards, ribbon, papers and stick on topper.

Page 5 - a patchwork of fabrics both vintage and new, decorative machine stitches, bead necklace, apple button, decorated tags.
Page 6 - hand painted /stamped house, stitching, key game cards, beaded doll, plastic dog.

Page 7 - hand dyed laces, papers stitching, cord, hearts on a string, heart on a chain
Page 8 - fabrics, found paper, printed/painted paper, metal bird charm. The birds were digitally printed on fabric, hand stitched, frayed.

Page 9 - stamped/painted papers, inkjet printed fabric, decorative machine stitching, fancy sequins, glitter.
Page 10 - inkjet prints, decorative machine stitching, dyed flower, dyed lace.
Page 11 - the flower is a digital print on fabric, machine stitched edges. Hand decorated paper, hand embroidery, decorative machine stitching.
Page 12 - art work, 2 found covered buttons, 1 button I covered. The laced part is printed/painted vilene with rivets.

Page 13 - art work, painted doiley, stamped patterned fabric which was cut and stitched, decorative machine stitching.
Page 14 - art work, dyed lace, dyed fabric flowers, red gems, decorative stitching.

Page 15 - games inspired. Recycled cards and game parts, metal moon, recycled fridge magnet boy, art work, digitally printed fabrics, machine stitching.
Page 16 - handmade card houses, inkjet print fabric house, inkjet print paper houses, stitching, ribbon, metal charm, found face images.

Page 17 - inkjet print, fabric, ribbon, dyed flower, decorative stitching, beads and charms on chain.
Page 18 - found paper, digitally printed fabric, found fabric flowers, art work, ribbons, dyed lace, decorative stitching.

Page 19, 20 - patchwork of fabrics, felt teddy bear with google eyes, check bow with flower, metal earring, apple button, rabbit charm, decorative stitching.

Page 21 - artwork, ribbon, beads, coin, gem on recycled earring.
Page 22 - New York - artwork screen printed on pvc fabric and yellow fabric [taxi], metal racket charm.

Page 23 - mono print artwork - gouache, ribbon, bell, beads, earring, chopstick bag.
Page 24 - Checked fabrics and ribbons, heart and striped ribbons, buttons and brads.

Page 25 - dyed fabric, the letters red are under the fabric held in by stitching, ribbon, hand decorated art buttons.
Page 26 end cover - whoopee cushion, google eyes, gem, sequin, ribbon

The pages were bound together with stitches and a tape measure


  1. Absolutely Magical Linda. It inspires to touch, to dream and even try to make a page


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