Sunday, 16 December 2012

Gifts from my Friends.

I went out for a meal with my arty friends and came back with lots of lovely gifts!
From Gill I got a fabric box, a pincushion and a vintage book. The pin cushion has a ring at the side so that it can be either hung up on a wall or used on a flat surface.
Lovely braid.

From Helen I got an apron with a row of appliqued Russian dolls. 
There is a stuffed doll that is detachable, this is a pin cushion.

From Marian two fabric boxes, new places to put my bits and bobs. Some of this fabric has Russian dolls on it too. 
And a lovely fabric with quotes...

From Vicky, a laser cut wooden reindeer which is a snazzy washi tape holder.
There is a lovely tape with postage stamps on it. The book with a silver reendeer on the front has squared paper within.

I've got some clever and talented friends eh?
I'll show what I gave next time.

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  1. Oh there are some beautiful gifts from your friends and all homemade of course!
    Sending Christmas Blessings,


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