Friday, 21 December 2012

Snowflake Design and Christmas Trees

This is the fabric design I have done for Spoonflower's snowflake contest. I know a snowflake should have six points - but this developed from a doodle and I thought it looked like a snowflake so I used it. I have noticed that the BBC are using an eight pointed snowflake this year......
Voting is on now. This link works for me for all the snowflake entries, hope it does for you, but if not - go to the Spoonflower site and look for the weekly contest.

We got a new artificial tree this year, the old one fell down last year... it is very old. This one looks nice when the lights are on, more of them show up than they did on the last tree.

This is a reindeer I've had for a while which I like, one shot taken with the flash and one without.

This is my new tree ornament this year, a cute squirrel.

My son gave me the tree below to put in the conservatory. I was actually thinking of not having a tree at all this year, but now I have two.

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  1. Lovely snowflake design, good luck in the contest.

    Your Christmas trees look great - the squirrel reminds me of the scene in the film National Lampoons Christmas Vacation - lol. We're not having a tree this year due to two very inquisitive kittens, so I've just decorated the dining room instead and am keeping the door closed!

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas and good New Year xx


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