Monday, 3 December 2012

The last pages of Sketchbook 24

Oodles of doodles

watercolour background, pen drawing [leaves], the orange urn and the blue pattern at the top and bottom were from a piece of packaging from Rhodes

pen drawing, watercolour over applied texture, the bird drawing was glued on

watercolour on textured background, collage - bird drawing, the orange part was from a piece of packaging from Rhodes

pen drawing, watercolour background, collage the orange parts were also from a piece of packaging from Rhodes

watercolour sky, pen drawing, the green part of the tree was a found image [not a tree], the large green area was made up of cut out squares - they were parts of pictures of art work in a magazine

the orange and blue parts are the packaging from Rhodes again, I've applied watercolour and drew the doodles/zentangles on with a pen

pen drawing


  1. It's interesting how you created your collages with all that found paper from different stores and sources. Very cool. Love the brooches below as well.


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