Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Seasonal Placemats

Some people assume because I like embroidery and making textile pictures and such, that I also like and am good at dressmaking, mending and other such activities. I shall put you right, I have a love hate relationship with regular sewing. I quite like it sometimes when things are going right but most of the time they don't..grrrr.. It is probably my fault in that I don't measure things correctly like with these placemats, although I thought I had and also not keeping a straight line while sewing. I wanted them to look different but I did want them all the same size but they are not. I like them now they are done apart from the sizing issue but there was a lot of frustration while making them.

The edge on the one below looks blue on the photo but it is actually green.

The fabrics were purchased, not my designs.

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  1. Ditto! I can not use a sewing machine to save my life and i think patterns are evil! But think your placemats are very festive!


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