Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Green Book - Pages 16-19

Page 16- stamped card, art work - paint and silver pen [Egypt inspired], tag [hell bank note], Art buttons [hell bank note paper]
Page 17- layers of painted art work and check table napkin, applique paper [painted trees], stitched and painted paper mounted on card [house & tree], plastic car.

Page 18- Altered Ikea card [stamped], found lady images [painted], art button, square handmade cardboard button.
Page 19- hand painted and stamped papers, inkjet print [flowers], collage, decorative machine embroidery.


  1. I love these green pages - and I like that you used the Ikea card - what a lovely idea.

    1. Thanks Anneliese. I came across the Ikea card when I was looking for green things in my house, it was just asking to be used!

  2. More fabulous pages ! love this book !


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