Thursday, 21 February 2013

Pages from Sketchbook 26

The shapes on these two pages were made with biscuit cutters, I drew around them. I've shown these pages before as backgrounds when they didn't have faces and details.

The page below shows a collection of little sketches - I was trying to get motivated for a contest on Spoonflower to do with the zodiac - I didn't take it any further, it just wasn't working for me.

Below - I tend to make patterns when I can't think of what else to draw.

This was also a background I've shown before, the flowery things on it are new.

Figure practise.

More patterns.

I think I did the date/numbers page early in the new year, guess I'm a bit behind on posting.

The sheet below was a zentangle challenge from the diva, challenge number 37. They are on number 107 now so I guess I did this a while ago too. Check out the site to see lots of excellent zentangles and information on how to do them.

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  1. Lots of neat sketches, patterns, figures and zentangles :)


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