Monday, 4 February 2013

New Collage and Fabric Swatches

I've been working on a new collage worked on a canvas. I used artwork, found papers, painted music and book pages. The bird was from a DVD I have of the Naturalist Library.

My new batch of fabric swatches came today from Spoonflower, I will show you in more detail over the next few days.


  1. Hi Lin, these patches are beautiful - how I love to see those squares. (I am a real patchworker). I congratulate you for your collage. It is artful and tasteful. Thank you for commenting on my knitting. I don't really think that it is very pretty, but it will be so warm because of this all natural wool -

    1. Thank you Anneliese. I'm thinking of making the swatches into a patchwork quilt [just thinking at this stage, lol]

  2. your collage is very delicate. I love color palette you used.
    so beautiful!


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