Thursday, 14 February 2013

Green Book - Pages 20-34

Page 20,21- Marbled fabric, embroidery and beads, dyed lace, ribbons.
Pages 22-36 - These have blank parts so whoever ends up with the book can either add drawings, paintings, notes, collage, etc to personalise it.

Page 22- Paper [dyes and salt effect]
Page 23- Layered papers - inkjet print[skeleton leaf design], brusho inks, inkjet print[stripes]
Page 24- Found paper[with bird image], middle-handmade washi tape, leaf prints [paint]
Page 25- Paper art work, blank watercolour paper.

Page 27- Inkjet print[of fabric design], watercolour art, leaf paintings, stitching, blank squared paper.
Page 28- Recycled transfer paper, blank pale rose paper.

Page 29,30- Collage -Recycled envelope[stripes], gouache art work, map, 2 inkjet prints[of fabric designs], stamped paper, found paper, found bird image, cloudy blank paper[2]

Page 31,32- Collage -mostly artwork on recycled papers, blank watercolour paper, duck paper clip.

Page 33,34- Collage -mostly artwork on recycled papers, leaf print paper, spotty watercolour paper.


  1. Oh I can see more wonderful green pages. You are really artistic.

    1. Thanks Anneliese. I've just posted the last pages of the green book, I'm working on a purple one now.


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