Wednesday, 15 May 2013

All That Glitters [Handmade Book] part 2

Continuing from yesterday. On this page there are gold ribbons, three Chinese lucky coins, more tomato puree metal textured pieces machine stitched, two metal moons attached with gold beads, two discs metal.
On this page is a beautiful piece of fabric I acquired from a friend, I think it was part of a garment. The flowers are quite raised up and have a velvety feel and in between them are circles of machine embroidery in gold thread. There is also a satin type of stitch in the same thread.
The purple sequin fabric is holding a buckle, the fabric is held down with bugle beads and decorative trim. a gold button and chains hang down from one side.
A woven piece made from a lot of the metallic trims I have. To do this I just used masking tape to hold the ends down on a work surface while I wove it [it is a bit tricky and fiddly]. Then I machine stitched the woven trims to the fabric and then trimmed them near to the stitching to neaten the edge [without cutting through the background fabric].

The black flower with the copper sequins was from a t-shirt sample design I did years ago.  The other flower  has a two layers of metal [puree tubes again], machine stitched, beads on fabric which I cut from another old sample, ball like trim, leaf charm. Under the flowers is a fancy trim and four rows of sequins in different colours.
Metal sheet - puree tube with lots of different textures and painted with green and red paint, mostly removed. Machine stitched. The attachment is a recycled earring.


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