Thursday, 2 May 2013

Handmade Texture Plates

I was sorting through a craft drawer the other day and came across a packet of dry spaghetti. You may wonder why a packet of spaghetti was in a craft drawer? I had put it there a couple of years ago as it was out of date [2008 - my husband doesn't like pasta so it never got eaten] as I thought it may have potencial craft wise. I made a stamp or texture plate with it, could be used either from above or below. [The purple square in the photo above] I glued it to a piece of wood with evo-stik impact [from the pound shop]. I thought  had better use a strong glue as spaghetti is quite delicate. The samples are fabric but it could be used with paper.
Also from the pound shop was a packet of foam flower and butterfly shapes. I have made stamps and rolling stamps from foam shapes before but this time I thought I would make a texture plate. I just used card for these, I sometimes find bendy texture plates quite useful. The shapes didn't have a sticky side so I covered the card with double sided sticky tape [also pound shop] and stuck them to that. This of course left sticky areas between the shapes so on the first plate I painted over the whole lot with acrylic paints and let it dry. I don't know if I didn't leave it long enough to set but I found that some of the first paint came off when I used the plate. The plate is on the left and fabric samples on the right.
On the next plate I shook on a little talcum powder on the sticky areas and that seemed to work just fine.
The plate is on the left and quick paper samples on the right.

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