Monday, 27 May 2013

Moleskine Sketchbook [the last pages]

collage, wax, watercolour, white pen 
[the nib has gone funny so the ink comes gushing out all at once]

I got two kinds of  pens for my birthday, some were posca pens, I did the doodle above to try them out

watercolours and pencil

promarkers, liner pen and watercolours

collage, watercolours


  1. Your artwork is fabulous I especially like the patterns...beautiful work!

  2. Such beautiful variety of work!
    My favourite is the last sail boat collage; did you use newspapers?

    1. Thank you Queenie. No not newspaper, it was a inkjet printout. I'd used it to keep my work table clean while I was painting something with acrylics and then I painted over it with watercolours to cover all the white.


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