Friday, 3 May 2013

TAST 63 and 64

Take a stitch Tuesday. Week 63 was scroll stitch. Those two untidy embroidered lines are scroll stitch. The other lines on the right are zig zag or wave chain stitch. I've also used running stitch and French knots. The background fabric is an old sample of devore I created and painted. Devore - this is where part of the fabric has been destroyed or burnt away with a paste, which leaves transparent areas. Underneath is another hand painted fabric.
I don't like the scroll stitch on the sample above but I think it looks better on the sample below, I used it for the flower centres on this hand stamped fabric. [see yesterday's post for how I created the fabric]. I do like Queenie's sample of scroll stitch seen here, she has used it for handwriting.

Take a stitch Tuesday. Week 64 was top knotted buttonhole stitch. My first attempt at this stitch was by following one picture in a book as I wasn't able to use the net at that time but I kept doing it wrong and gave up in the end. After I looked at Sharon's instructions on Pintangle I could see where I was going wrong and stitched two rows and then I went over the two lines with a wide chain stitch. I've also used running stitch and feather stitch. The fabric is the devore on one side and a vintage print on the other.

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