Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pink Book [part 2]

I recycled wallpaper samples for a lot of these pages,I used the plain wrong side for most of them. I painted them and used a texture plate [also made from wallpaper] and stamps and rolling stamps. On the page above I've recycled an inkjet print, which was also painted and textured. I used a punch for the circles and machine stitched over them. The flower petals were from a greetings card, the centres are art work, then stitched. The dress is a tag, digitally created and printed.

More wallpaper and inkjet prints. The rectangle of fabric is a miniature version of a repeat pattern  designed. The flowers I made from fabric and dyed pleated ribbon and I stuffed the centres.

As well as the wallpaper and inkjet there is a doily with stencilled art work on top, the little bow ribbon was from a greetings card, the other ribbon was from my stash and I dyed the lace. The ATC was made from layered, textured papers with honesty seed pods trapped between, then painted with acrylics and metallic crayon. 

More painted wallpapers and the cat was from a greetings card. I've attached the butterfly sequins with beads. The card butterfly was from a greetings card.

More painted wallpapers and inkjet prints and decorative machine stitching. The owls and the row of hearts were from a greetings cards. I made the flowers from paper, painted and stitched them.

More painted wallpapers and a painted patterned doily. The bears were from a greetings card but I attached the flowers and ribbon.


  1. I so enjoy looking at your work! It's an energy booster and makes me feel 'in the pink'!


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