Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Pink Book [part 3]

I've just noticed that there are 4 pages [8 sides] that are not stitched around the edges, these are just stuck together so I will probably take the book apart to stitch them. I guess it is a good job I didn't do a book binding technique as the pages would have to stay like they are but taking a book like this apart is very straight forward.
The page above - painted, stamped wallpaper, dyed lace, fabric flower with stitching and sequins [recycled from an old t-shirt]

This one is a fabric page, the art was done on the fabric, dyed laces, the little fabric hearts and beads.

Textured layered papers painted with acrylic paints and metallic crayons, stamped paper. Appliqued paper bird [the spotty paper was wrapping paper, googly eye and she is holding a string of beads.

Painted and stamped paper and glitter. Dyed lace [net curtain], large gem and beads.

Layered and textured paper, painted, with metallic threads incorporated, part of a doily and hand stitching, glittery ribbon and hand stitching, heart beads and beads on metal string, secured with cross stitches.

painted wallpaper, the fancy paper, hand made fabric trim - flowers under net with free style machine embroidery and beads, decorative machine embroidery

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  1. Your hearts are fabulous each and everyone!


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