Monday, 24 June 2013

Pink Book

My new book, the pink one. I thought a heart shape would make a change and I have used book rings to hold the pages together.
The front is covered with vintage fabrics, reversed applique.

I actually made a trouser suit in this fabric when I was a teenager [flower power was the rage, showing my age, eh?] I used the leftover scraps for the book [and other things]
The inside cover - this is hand painted and stamped paper [a handmade rolling stamp]. The butterflies and dotty bits were found in a magazine.

I made the decoration on this page with texture plates made from textured wallpaper [I blogged about it on the 17th]. The trim down the centre was a gift from a friend [it was actually a big square of sticky backed paper, I cut a section off to make the trim]. Three check buttons with hanging threads and a recycled metal flower with gem.
All the inner pages have been stitched around the edges - each page is back to back with another page, which hides any messy bits underneath. I found glue was not strong enough to keep the pages together but the stitching does.

This mum page is on the other side of the one above. Also textured art work, some in smaller pieces which have been zigzagged stitched together like crazy patchwork . There is a painted ATC with decorative machine stitching. The fabric flower with beads was from a previous project and the mum letters were cut from a greetings card.


  1. Your ideas are so great and the finished result even more impressive.

    1. Thank you Queenie, your comments are really appreciated.


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