Friday, 28 June 2013

Pink Book [part 5]

Layered textured papers, glitter, dyed lace, handmade fabric flowers, machine embroidery.

Fabric page - voile pink flowers, flowers made with lace trim with a gem under net in the centres and beads around the centre, raised stitched stems, distressed area with pulled threads and stitched net in the hole

Painted, stamped wallpaper, ribbon, dyed fabric flowers and lace, 2 heart gems, plastic hand.

layered textured papers encrusted with honesty seed pod and metallic threads, fabric ATC - patchwork, embroidery, beads, lace.

Smocking - too neat to be hand stitched? Actually it was from a dress, I cut the top off which was the smocked area to make a skirt.

The back cover - the flowery is vintage fabric, the other is some fabric I transfer printed years ago. he type that you paint on paper and transfer to fabric with heat. The white 'polo' areas were made by putting paper reinforcement rings to act as a kind of resist, the blue and green areas were sticky labels painted with transfer paint. And that is the end of the pink book. What colour next?
This rhododendron below is very unusual, why you may ask? I have had this shrub in my garden for 30 years and this is only the second time I have seen a flower on it. And I mean a flower, just the one both times.


  1. Every page in your Pink Book is beautiful, and so different; unusual, just like your rhododendron.

    1. I'm glad you said that every page is different, I was wondering if the books were all beginning to look alike.


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