Monday, 21 October 2013

Red Sky at Night and Embroidered T-Shirt

We have had some really colourful sky recently

I bought a plain t-shirt and stitched on some flowers. The t-shirt is actually a lot darker and a different colour than the photo looks, it's like a really dark jade. Instructions below.

I drew a sketch on paper, then I put some stabiliser on top [something like stitch and tear although I think mine was regular stitching stabiliser]. As you can see through the stabiliser it is possible to copy the design onto it, I used a pen.
Pin the stabiliser to the right side of the t-shirt where you want the placement, then embroider - I used back stitch.
Then carefully tear off the stabiliser. Job done.


  1. You make not only original fabric prints but T-shirts as well! The ultimate tailor made item.

  2. Very nicely done and it really dressed up a plain shirt!


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