Tuesday, 8 October 2013

WIP Flannel Patchwork

When I went to the Harrogate quilt exhibition I bought a pack of flannel squares. I stitched 9 of the squares together on the machine and have started a bit of seam embroidery decoration.
The stitches on the squares above are fern stitch and detached chain stitches.
Below is a form of laced running stitch

This one is a raised chain band done on open chain stitch instead of the usual straight stitches. I did just one row of the chain band but more could be added, looking at it now I may add more. 
It was one of the stitches [version 2 - week 81] shown in Take a stitch Tuesday. Click on the link to see more or join in.

Another of the TAST stitches, this one is week 82 and Spanish feather stitch. Plus French knots.

An old favourite, fern stitch and French knots

Another TAST, week 83, Siennese stitch. The stitches were quite spaced out so I stitched in between with a thinner thread.

And week 80, raised chain band V1, a bit untidy

I'm a bit naughty for not using a frame and this did come out a bit puckered although it is flatter now that it has had a get together with the iron.


  1. Flannel is such a lovely material to work with, and the stitches you have used add a lot of charm. The raised chain band done on open chain stitch has a nice framed look with the squares created by the open chain stitch. Keep up the good work, Linda!

    1. Thanks Queeniepatch. I've not worked with flannel before, it is a nice soft fabric.

  2. These TAST stitches are looking perfect on your flannel pieces, Linda. Well done.

  3. I like your seams. Flannel is such a great fabric to use for embroidery.


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