Friday, 11 October 2013

Woven Fabrics

Woven fabrics and stitched with a decorative machine stitch.
The fabrics were two pieces that I had painted and stamped and were quite stiff because I'd used acrylics. It was quite tricky keeping the pieces together before stitching, I found it too hard to put pins in. Inspiration from the book by Anna Faustino - Simply Stunning Woven Quilts.
This is the back, I like it as much as the front. I need to work out what to do with it so both sides can be seen, it would be a shame to hide the back.


  1. fantastic, looks incredible.

  2. Both front and back look great. I bet the pieces were difficult to stitch, but you've done a good job.

    1. The actual stitching was OK, it was keeping the strips together that was more difficult. I used tape in places where the pins wouldn't go.

  3. Yes looks good front and back Linda. You did well with the weaving.


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