Thursday, 17 October 2013

WIP Art Quilt and Dubai Gifts

My friend Marian has recently come back from a holiday in Dubai and she brought me some gifts in the cute little bag above.

Inside the bag were two other bags and in the blue one were some empty tea bags. We have seen art made with teabags and assumed that people emptied them to use in art but it appears you can buy them empty and in different sizes too.

In the pink bag were these adorable miniature embroidered shoes or slippers. I should have put a ruler next to them so you could tell how big they are but I never thought at the time. Anyway they are about 5" long. 

Love those curly toes.

Even the underside looks great.

WIP - art quilt

This is a start for an A4 art quilt of a hare on a bank of flowers overlooking the fields and hills. The background was painted with inktense blocks, the hare was a print on fabric done on my inkjet, and I've added some embroidery, first on the machine then hand ......but I'm not sure about it. The hare is quite pale [but they don't want to get noticed in real life either], the background is quite bright. I don't like the sky. Anyway I don't know whether to carry on with it and hope it looks better when it's done [some things do] or leave it and start something new. I have spent quite a bit of time doing the embroidery but there is a lot more to do. If you click on the image you can get a better view... any thoughts?


  1. Great gifts! In Japan you can buy empty teabags but they are for the green sen-cha leaves which are quite difficult to remover from the pot if used without a net - or a disposable bag.
    As for your art quilt. I clicked on the image to get a better view and think the sky is a bit overpowering. Could it be calmed down with some wispy clouds or balanced with golden sun rays? I like the hills in the distance.

  2. I looked up the tea you mentioned to see what it looked like, very different to the usual kind. I don't actually drink tea of any sort but my daughter likes alternative teas. I was also looking on the web for tea bag crafts and there was a whole lot on pinterest, although I do think some of them use used teabags. Here is the link in case you are interested.
    Thanks for your input on the quilt. I think I will try your suggestion for altering the sky. I may make the hare a bit darker too with a coat or two of wax acrylic. If I'm still unsure about it afterwards, it may end up in one of my fabric books.


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