Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Cotton Silk Fabrics

My last order from Spoonflower included a 2 yard piece of fabric for a quilt which I will show when completed. The quilt area wasn't quite as big as 2 yards so I filled the spare with other designs. I've already shown a swatch of painted fabric (above) and doodle trees (below) on cotton but this fabric is larger [20"x20" and 10"x20"] and is printed on cotton silk. You can see stitching on the top one if you click for a closer view.
I've not shown the design below before. [20"x10"] It was a collage in my sketchbook which I really loved. I printed it on paper with my inkjet but it didn't look so good, so it was an experiment to see how it printed on fabric - and I love it. I've just got to work out how to change it into a repeat pattern, I did have a couple of attempts but I didn't like them so much.

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  1. The repeat can change the entire feel of an illustration. What has harmony can become full of energy and of course the other way round.
    I do like the doodle trees.


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