Sunday, 18 May 2014

Flowers, Creatures and Biscuit

A friend brought me this cute biscuit back from a trip to Japan.
It was a wafer with a choccy centre.

In my garden at the moment I have lots of bluebells.

I don't know what these lovely pink flowers are called

and pink bluebells

I don't normally like to see snails, but this little one was quite cute.

This wasp spent a long time, more than a day crawling around on this orchid but I found it dead on the soil the morning after.

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  1. You have found a lot of inspiration for your art work in the garden!
    I hope you liked the biscuit. The original sweet is actually a waffle, shaped like a sea bream which is filled with a paste made of sweet azuki beans. you can read about it here:


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