Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Distressed Layers Embroidery

I've started a new fabric book as I have a stash of sheer fabrics I want to use. I used a soldering iron to distress them in places and to fuse them together with the background. I'll not be doing it again unless I buy a better dust face mask. There are several layers so it would be better to click on the image to see them closer. 
I thought I would include a couple of TAST stitches {Take a stitch Tuesday} as I haven't done any for ages. If you go to the tast faq page there is a whole list of stitches to try.
Above - I started on the left with a zig zag coral stitch [Tast 111] and in the v's I used a detached chain stitch and fly stitch and then applied a bead in each detached chain stitches. Other stitches used are running and cross.
Below - I didn't use any of the recent tast stitches, I used running, fly and cross stitches. The sequin leaf was part of the fabric.

Below - there are a few metallic fabrics on this piece and sequins. I used Tast 108, rice stitch. This is normally stitched on canvas, aida or linen but I used it in a free form style so it is untidy. Maybe I should call it distressed rice stitch to match the fabrics.


  1. I wouldn't call the Rice stitches distressed - they are neat enough for us to think you have used waste canvas!
    It is nice to see you working on fabric and adding embroidery again. Do take care not to breathe in any nasty fumes when you distress fabric with the soldering iron.

  2. This looks very nice, love the raw edges!


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