Monday, 12 May 2014

Crazy Patchwork Peg Bags

I've been using more of my vintage scraps to make peg bags. These have long handles so that they can be hung from a shoulder while hanging out the washing.

I made a new one for myself as my old one looked worse for wear and I've made one for each of my sisters. My old one was about the same size but had the long length the other way round, ie narrower but longer. I decided to these a little different so it would be easier to find a particular peg.

I've lined the two for my sisters with patterned fabric [mine is just plain]

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  1. Great design; finding the 'right' peg should be easy when you are struggling with heavy wet sheets blowing in the wind. My mother's bag had a drawstring and it was impossible to see inside and hard to pull out your hand. Design needs to be practical.


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