Saturday, 15 May 2010

Altered Flower Book p 44, Mail Book - Punch and Judy, Dandelions

This is the last page of the altered flower book. On the left are prints using kiddies foam playing cards, sharpie pens for the flower outline and various paints.
There are a lot of dandelions around here at the moment - a lot of them are in my lawn! They look lovely in flower when there are masses of them together [a host of golden dandelions] They remind me of mini dahlias.


  1. More of your delicious and beautiful work. I love the altered pages. They are such inspiration. Great photo too.

  2. I love the photo!!! It could be combined with a face in Photoshop, perhaps, but it's nice all by its ownself! Oh, and thanks for the great comment on MixedMediaManic...I hope you win the contest! Even if I WOULD have to mail the book all the way to England! Ha!


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