Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mexican Birds Mixed Media

These birds were inspired by the ancient drawings of Mexican birds.
The backgound is watercolour paper and I've used handmade rolling stamps to make the pattern with acrylic paints and dyes. Dots were added with the end of a paint brush. The birds have been made and then appliqued onto the backgound.
The bird directly below is made up of faux velvet and the brown parts [they are actually brown with a red print] are a recycled coin purse. [thought I should use some of the 'stash' I have]. He also has a sequin and bead for an eye.

This one is made from suede leather [some dyed] and faux leather.
And this one is made from inkjet prints - paper and lutradur, gold metal and he has a metal button eye.
I made this for the FAMM challenge - 'For the birds'
scroll down the main page on the FAMM site to read about


  1. These are great, really striking. They remind me of the traditional mola of Panama/Columbia.

  2. Thanks Kaye, they remind me of mola work too.


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