Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Tag Book

I finished another sketch book a month or so ago, I shall call it my Tag Book. The book is made with one of those Zutter binders [makes holes at the side & attaches the metal thingy] which I bought last year [& havent used much]. The papers in it are all recycled - envelopes, envelopes inside out [nice patterns on these], packing papers, wrapping paper, card - all things to do with packaging. On each page I have doodled a pattern or drawn a picture, added a tag or two and some collage which includes quite a lot of vintage postcards. On the pictures above, the first image shows what it looked like after I had put the book together but before I started decorating it, the lower image after decorating, plus an image of the tag. Three more pages below, showing before and after views.

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