Tuesday, 25 May 2010

TAST week 13 and Belsay Hall

TAST week 13 - Raised Cup Stitch
I like this stitch but I think mine maybe cup stitch rather than raised cup stitch, I found it difficult to pass my needle through the spaces on the second round, so I stitched through the loops of the first {I think I did, although it was hard to tell exactly what the needle was going through!}

Today I went to Belsay Hall with a couple of friends to see the Extraordinary Measures Art Exhibition.
Don't these feet look real?
They are part of a giant sculpture by Ron Mueck. There were small sculptures too and other artists work.
Also at Belsay are some wonderful gardens and we saw a few unusual trees.

Can you see an animal, a deer perhaps with horns?
Can you see an elephant in the photo below?

And a hand and arm here?

Photos at Belsay by Helen.

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  1. Hi. Have just seen your photos of the trees...they are great. I like the way you are recording your tast stitches....and those feet....I half expected a comment about a real persons hairy legs when i first saw the photo....they are so real.


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