Wednesday, 12 May 2010

TAST week 11, Altered Flower Book p40, Mail Book - Wheels

TAST challenge week 11 - Bullion Buttonhole
My sample is a bit messy and I think it is because I used the wrong type of needle. I used a thick thread, cotton pearl 5 and a needle with a very big eye. I will have to get some of the straw or milliners needles that Sharon recommends. Click here for this weeks Tast challenge

Altered Flower Book
Painted pages and recycled snippets from Indian style embroidered clothes

Mythical Mail Book - The wheels of the bus go round and round...
recycled postage stamp


  1. Wonderful Deliciousness!! Oh I just love these! You have been having fun and I can tell. These are darling and yummy indeed! You make me want to come and out play he he he he! MORE, MORE, MORE PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE? he he he he

  2. I love how you are doing your TAST samples Lin.


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