Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Quilted Cushion, Eggs and WIP

I've still got lots of purple pages to show but I thought I would show something different today.

I bought a fat quarter of my kokeshi doll fabric from Spoonflower and made this cushion. I didn't have the right size cushion pad so I've borrowed a couple of flatish ones from other cushions.

Before I made the cushion up I quilted around the six dolls in the centre.

I did the eggs below for a challenge - I thought it was for the Sketchbook Challenge but that seems to be 'natural surfaces' this month.  I suppose eggs are a natural surface, but mine don't look natural. My challenge now will be to find where the challenge really came from!
There was a contest with Spoonflower for painted eggs but that would need to be a repeating pattern for fabrics...... and it finished yesterday....

Work in progress......This is a heart in the making


  1. A sweet pillow for sure! The eggs are really fun...all of them. So funny about the challenge too! Hope you find it before it's over. Your heart WIP is really pretty!

  2. Your kokeshi doll pillow looks wonderful and I'm sure it brightens up the room it's in!


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