Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Colour Purple - [Pages 23,24 End]

Page 23 - Background - painted, stamped, decorated layered papers, stitched edges.
Painted doilies, art button, large handmade card button with embroidered fastening.
Hand embroidery [girl], beads, recycled bird from card, text.
Page 24 - Background - painted, stamped, decorated layered papers, decorative machine embroidery, stitched edges.
Postage stamp, dyed lace and machine embroidery, arrow covered in sand, two altered tags - dyed lace and brads.
Dyed lace and machine embroidery, two art buttons, pleated 'quilt', paper rabbit, dyed lace, brads.
Inside back cover - a patchwork of vintage fabrics and recycled painted/stamped wipes, decorative machine embroidery, stitching.



  1. More wonderfully purple pages. I especially like the bit of purple doily and of course since it's nearing Easter, the bunny in the pocket with the bit of dyed lace :)

    1. Thanks Jenny. Topical without realising :-)


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