Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Colour Purple [Pages 17 - 19]

Page 17 - Background - painted, stamped, decorated layered papers, decorative machine stitching,stitched edges.
Painted, stamped recycled wipe with hand embroidery, dyed lace with decorative machine stitching.

Punched stamps, wooden ring with bead.
 Folded card tag opens to show paint effect book page, 2 art buttons [Russian dolls], recycled card circle attached with embroidery.

Page 18 - Background - painted, stamped, decorated layered papers, stitched edges.
Row of beads, earring part, printed ATC [my design], 2 art buttons, row of sequins on fabric.
Handmade button [shrink plastic], ribbon, beads, card discs decorated with purchased papers, gems.

Page 19 - Background - painted, stamped, decorated layered papers, decorative machine embroidery, stitched edges.

Ribbon, running stitches, dyed laces, recycled jewellery.

Square of textured art mounted on velvet fabric with embroidery, lace flower, paper flower [purchased], recycled butterfly from greetings card.


  1. Wow. You really are on a purple binge! I love the way you USE UP stuff!!!

    1. I did actually paint a lot of pages for this book but I used old prints and recycled papers to paint on. I still have a stash of old prints left so I think I will have to start on a new book soon, use some more of it up.

  2. You might be in a purple haze but its working well,love the book


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