Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Colour Purple

I finished my purple book last week and am sorting out the photos. I'm disappointed with the photos as the colours do not look quite right. Click on the images to enlarge.
This is the cover, vintage fabrics with the words 'the colour purple' in applique, also vintage fabrics.
I've made a few books now and I have made them up all differently, I would call them experimental books. This one is an unusual size, it is 18" wide by 5" high [45cm x 12cm], the pages inside have been punched with a zutter binder and the pages are held together with metal binding wire. There is a little hand charm on the front too which says 'hand made'.

The inside cover - various fabrics - mono-print, painted, stamped and vintage [floral] in a patchwork effect with decorative machine embroidery.

Page 1- paper collage, all hand painted and decorated, some inkjet prints also painted, playing card house, postage stamp, punched numbers, paper flower with beads and sequins in the centre.

The flower is simple to make if you need one for a project.
I painted four pieces of a dress pattern with shimmery metallic paints, I used fancy edging scissors at each end but just ripped the sides.
I crumpled the centres and stuck one over the other to make a cross and glued together.
I made another cross and glued that on top in the spaces.
I stitched in the sequins and beads but you could glue them on.


  1. Aah!...I love those flowers! A really great idea!


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