Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Colour Purple [Pages 6 - 9]

Page 6 - Layered painted papers, some recycled [book, calendar], stitched edges.

Gel print fabric with hand embroidery, gems.

Printed ATC, tag with found image, recycled painted wipe with embroidery.

Page 7 - Layered painted papers, some recycled [book, envelope], decorative machine stitching and stitched edges.

Velvet with embroidery [spiders wheel] and beads.
Hand crafted art buttons.

Page 8 - Layered painted/stamped papers, stitching, stitched edges.
Hand embroidery, bird collage.
Hand made card button.

Page 9 - Layered painted/stamped papers, stitched edges.
Altered playing card, hand crafted art buttons, punched stamp shapes, postage stamp.

Hand made card button, beads, stars on string.


  1. Love your glorious color purple wonderful artwork my friend...but you're going to get

  2. All great! Love the colour purple too :)


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