Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Tiger, Balloon and Digital Patterns

Doodlewash Watercolour Challenge



Digital Patterns
Created on an android tablet using Infinite Painter. A couple of them were altered on the computer using Photoshop.


Friday, 9 April 2021

Watercolour and Digital Design

 Doodlewash Watercolour Challenge



Digital Patterns

from a single motif created on the tablet
to a squared off pattern

to a repeat pattern with border motifs

Another single motif made into a repeating pattern

another with pigs

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Watercolours and Sewing

 Doodlewash Watercolour Challenge

Egg and Bee

Buttercups and Raincoat

I made another dress for one of my granddaughters. I've got two now, number two was born last week.
This dress has fairies on it and sparkly bits. My granddaughter loved it, when she tried it on she didn't want to take it off. I love the colours of the fabric.
Enjoy your week.


Friday, 2 April 2021

Doodlewash and Sketchbook Revival

Doodlewash Watercolour Challenge

Showers, soup, bulbs, umbrella, hoop


I did window but it should have been wind

April 2021

Joker and splash

Sketchbook Revival

Day 12, session 1 wirh Alexandra Gabor - Quick Character Design
I had another go at this. The first time I did with watercolours and only found one character in my blobs. These were done on my android tablet and I found them much more successful in fact I could have carried on a lot longer.

I did another tree in my altered book to go with the other three I did last week. I don't like it.

Day 13, session 2 with John Muir Laws - This is your brain on paper: Attention, curiosity and creativity

Closing session with Karen Abend - Intentional Doodles: From observation to imaginative play

I'm also linking with Paint Party Friday



Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Sketchbook Revival Days 9 - 13

Day 9, session 1 with Susan Chiang
A Pear of Pears : Loose Watercolour Sketching

Day 9, session 2 with Este McLeod
Exploring Shapes by Printing and Stamping in Watercolour

Day 10, session 1 with Sarah Simon
Watercolour Techniques and a Leafy Wreath

Day 10, session 2 with Helen Hallows
Day and Night : Using the Rhythms of Nature to Inspire Flow in Your Mixed Media Sketchbook

Day 11, session 1 with Traci Bautista -
Creative Play: The Evolution of Ideas Through mark Making and Exploring Color

Day 13, session 1 with Koosje Koene - Lat's Play!
Wax crayons and watercolours.

As you can see, some of the sessions are missing. I did miss 3 out and the other results were not good enough to post.


Friday, 26 March 2021

Dog in Acrylics and Sketchbook Revival

Acrylic Painting - Dog

I did this by watching an Angela Anderson video on UTube. I didn't like it when I had first done it but it's grown on me.

Sketchbook Revival

Day 4, session 2: Concertina Fun: Make a fun mini concertina book with Karen Stamper

Day 6, session 2 with Helen Wells. Expressive Sketchbooks: Seeking inspiration outside.
I used small sticks and the end of a feather to draw these with  ink. I used photographs of interesting trees for inspiration. I think this has been my favourite session so far.

I used two of the stick drawings to make a pocket in an altered book.
The pocket holds an altered postcard.
Day 5, session 1. Robyn McClendon - Altered Book as a sketchbook.

Day 7, session 1 with David Drazil
Drawing Perspective Made Easy
This one is 5 point perspective

Day 7, session 2 with Trupti Karjinni
Watercolour Summer Landscape

Day 8, session 1 - Shelley Klammer
The History and Practice of Automatic Drawing

I think you can still join in with these sessions if anyone is interested.

Happy Paint Party Friday!