Sunday 29 July 2018

English Paper Piecing Cushion

As you can see I have finished the paper pieced cushion. It was made up of three shapes - decagons [10 sides], polygons [5 sides] and elongated hexagons [6 sides]. My intention was to be very neat and not show any of the stitches [the shapes were all hand stitched together], but I'm afraid I didn't succeed. I tried a few different ways of stitching them together [tutorials can be found on Pinterest] .I'm not sure if I have a favourite technique, I think it all depended on the access to a particular bit, for instance it is much easier to sew two small shapes together than when there are large pieces to join.

It was made from a pack of 5" charming squares which determined the size of the cushion.
The fabric is called "Enchanted Forest" by Lewis and Irene. I bought a fat quarter the same as some of the squares and made an envelope type cushion [hate putting zips in]. There were a few blue scraps left so I edged the overlap, which made it slightly bigger which was better.

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Doodle and English Paper Piecing Update

 A doodle worked on my tablet, then multiplied to make a pattern
If you were wondering if I am still working on the English Paper piecing, here is the backside. I'm working on the edges at the moment because I am getting short of fabric in big enough pieces.

Sunday 15 July 2018

Fish, Pattern and Cut Work Birds

The vintage fish picture is from the Naturalist Library, the lady from a vintage book of women apart from her head which I drew.
The pattern was created on my tablet.

I created the birds for my cutting machine, [KNK Zing Air] the bird on the left needs altering slightly as the eye was not joined to anything so fell out. I also ripped it a little when removing form the mat.

Monday 9 July 2018

Cutting Book [Pages 2-8]

Another book I started a while ago, this one is for my cutting samples, ie things I've cut using my  KNK Zing Air cutting machine. I've used painted, stamped etc papers for the background.
The following were samples for some little pictures I made for Christmas presents last year  oops 2016, doesn't time fly? See here for the finished pictures. I used different colours to these below.

And a Christmassy page. 
The tree with text is not my design and the dragons are clip art. 

Friday 6 July 2018

Cats on Tour

Altered photographs. I drew the cats on my tablet and combined them with my photos.
This cat is at Beamish Museum, County Durham, England

No I've not got a collection of skulls, these three are at the Harry Potter studio, London

 Two of them are getting around, they are now in Berlin.

Wednesday 4 July 2018

Pretty Patterns

I did the single circular pattern on my tablet and uploaded it to the computer, I've no idea why part of it was missing, I can't remember whether I did it off centre on purpose.
I layered the pattern in Photoshop, this one is not a repeating pattern.

I drew the single pattern on the tablet. The corner bits were added on the computer with Photoshop. Then the design was made into a repeating pattern.