Monday 31 May 2010

Pretty Flowers

These flowers [don't know what they are?] put on a lovely show in a pot in my garden this year, their colour is amazing.
I've also had lots of bluebells this year too, not always growing where they should.
And these tiny wild violets were scattered about my lawn looking very pretty [the word lawn is perhaps stretching it a bit - there are more weeds and moss than grass!]

Sunday 30 May 2010

Tag Book [p17-21]

recycled envelopes & packaging, vintage postcards, doodles, tags, handmade tags, doyley, found images

other side of tag

Friday 28 May 2010

Von's Triptych and Illustration Friday - Slither

I made this triptych last year but I forgot to put them on my blog.
The backgrounds are 3 acrylic painted canvases. The houses, trees etc are made from papers such as these below - some are painted/stamped music, book text, etc and some are painted and decorated from scratch. They are cut out and collaged together, then stitched on the machine.

for close ups of the triptych and other triptych's click here

Illustration Friday Challenge - Slither

Thursday 27 May 2010

Tag Book [p14,15,16]

this page is made from an envelope which has been turned inside out and stuck down.
this is the other side - it is the inside of the envelope with a blue pattern
above - before, below - after [it is the inside of a large white envelope]
print of a vintage picture, tag is a recycled greetings card

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Tag Book [p11-13]

The first two are the either side of a plain white recycled envelope. Above to the left shows the other side of the tag. Vintage postcard below.

Doodle on plain white recycled envelope. The tag & arrows made from recycled greetings card.

Tuesday 25 May 2010

TAST week 13 and Belsay Hall

TAST week 13 - Raised Cup Stitch
I like this stitch but I think mine maybe cup stitch rather than raised cup stitch, I found it difficult to pass my needle through the spaces on the second round, so I stitched through the loops of the first {I think I did, although it was hard to tell exactly what the needle was going through!}

Today I went to Belsay Hall with a couple of friends to see the Extraordinary Measures Art Exhibition.
Don't these feet look real?
They are part of a giant sculpture by Ron Mueck. There were small sculptures too and other artists work.
Also at Belsay are some wonderful gardens and we saw a few unusual trees.

Can you see an animal, a deer perhaps with horns?
Can you see an elephant in the photo below?

And a hand and arm here?

Photos at Belsay by Helen.

Monday 24 May 2010

Embroidered Pincushion and Tag Book [p.10]

A friend had a clearout and among the items was some wool fabric which I gladly took off her hands. The fabric was part of a wool scarf which she had dyed for a project and never used. It had been sitting on my work table for quite a few weeks, I'd had a few ideas but never got on with it. I'm enjoying doing hand embroidery at the moment and decided to make a pincushion leaving the tassles of the scarf as part of the design.

Tag Book - this page is the inside of a recycled envelope, and has a vintage postcard, a printed postcard which I did, and parts from a programme. The tag is an image of a sampler from a magazine. The original envelope is shown below.

Sunday 23 May 2010

Derwenthaugh and Tag Book p7,8,9

It has been a gorgeous couple of days, it was so warm early this morning, which is very unusual for this neck of the woods. We went for a walk to a nearby place called Derwenthaugh which used to be a coking works and has been transformed - the photos were taken there. There was even a heron on the pond.

you cannot really see the heron above but it was there

Tag book [handmade book using recycled papers - before & after - this was a paper bag

This was a piece of packaging - before
and after

and the other side

Thursday 20 May 2010

TAST week 12 [sorbello] and Tag Book [4,5,6]

Take a stitch tuesday - This weeks stitch is called sorbello, I did two rows for my sample using two colours and they look almost like different stitches although I used the same type of thread and I confess it is a bit untidy in places.

Tag Book - before and after decoration -  using recycled packing papers, doodling, lace, found images and adding a tag.
this one below includes a vintage postcard
and this one below is made from a paper bag