Tuesday 31 August 2021

Friday 27 August 2021

Friday Catch Up 27 8 21

Doodlewash Watercolour Challenge


Peacock, Robot and Poppy





I thought I would have a go at some simple bunting for the gazebo. Made out of scraps of fabric, I used pinking shears to cut these. Sewn onto some bias binding I found in my stash.


Friday 20 August 2021

Catch Up Friday 20 08 21


I didn't do all the prompts this week so I only have one painting for Doodlewash

Cup Project WIP

Another version of the tall cup

Another version of the wide and small cup. This one is collaged papers which were machine stitched. I'll probably not use this version for the book as the backside of the page is messy from the stitching.

Friday 13 August 2021

Table Mats and Paintings

Doodlewash Challenge

Skateboard and Koala


I made a composition with seven of the prompts

Cup Project WIP - Artwork

Sewing and Quilting
Table Runner and Placemats

I've been making some table mats and a runner out of my own fabric designs which I had printed at Spoonflower. I wanted to incorporate some hand stitched English Paper Piecing [EPP] into it too. The eight mats are all different.

On the first mat I stitched the stripes and the English Paper piecing quilting by hand. I used the machine for the curved join and the end of the EPP. I was really disappointed with it, I thought it was way too busy. The fabrics are busy on their own but altogether....!

I didn't use as many stripes on the next mat but I had already cut them out so I wanted to use them.

No stripes.

The EPP was difficult to deal with so I started just putting it in the middle.

The EPP was very difficult to stitch together by hand because the fabric is quite thick and very stiff. I should have washed it before I started but didn't and I don't know if it would have made any difference.

The runner in sections below - I'd got really fed up with stitching the EPP so I only did odd ones.

The fabrics used, there are seven. I did have another which I was going to use for binding but I didn't have enough and I didn't like it much so I've not bound them at all. These are the original swatches but I used a fat quarter of each fabric for 8 plate mats and table runner. They are colour coordinated, I used the same colours on each fabric design.
This swatch looks a bit washed out and thinner compared to what I used, this fabric would have been easier to sew by hand too.