Friday 30 July 2021

Catch Up Friday 30 7 21

 World Watercolour Month

Feathered - I though I would give a snake some feathers.
I must be honest, I've not done all the prompts this month. I was child minding for a few days this week plus some of the prompts didn't inspire me.

But I did start a new project. I'm making a small book for a tea lover with rhymes in the style of Monday's child. These are my first drawings/paintings. I'm thinking of doing collage with stitching or a fabric book.

See more creative work at Paint Party Friday or join in.

Friday 23 July 2021

Friday Catch Up 23 7 21

 World Watercolour Month

I'll be honest, I've not done every prompt this month. I don't know whether it is the prompts that are not inspiring me or because the weather has been so hot. No excuse because we don't have to stick with the prompts, I guess I just couldn't be bothered.

The prompt for this was tactile so I thought of my velvet cushions which one can't help but stroke. I did a very simplified version of the cushion as you can see from the image below.
The design for the cushion was a an original watercolour by me which I had printed by Spoonflower on velvet fabric.


Digital Design
Cretaed on my tablet, made into a repeating pattern on the computer.

I'm linking to Paint Party Friday

Friday 9 July 2021

Catch Up Friday 9 7 21

World Watercolour Month




Little Table

I've got a little table which was getting rather scruffy so I thought I would paint it, but that didn't work so I thought I would try decoupage. I did the legs first using pages from old books, art work, prints etc I didn't think about the top until I came to do it but decided I wanted something different to the legs. I had a sheet of double sided paper and used that. I cut a section of the blue side and put it on the grey side matching up the pattern. 

As it is Friday it must be Paint Party Friday! Have a great weekend.


Tuesday 6 July 2021

Watercolour Paintings

 It's World Watercolour Month

founded by the creator of Doodlewash

31 watercolours in 31 days

These are mine so far

Day 5 Milestone

Day 1 Reflection, Day 2 Momentum
I was behind so I did two in one for the first few

Day 3 Dainty, Day 4 Splatter

Day 6 is Memory - I couldn't think what to do for this so I did a poppy seed head but I was thinking later that it could be a memory of the beautiful poppies I had in my garden last month.