Tuesday 26 July 2022

Digital Doodles

 Just messing about with some quick doodles on my android tablet.

and then adding the pig to a photo taken at Fountains Abbey

the rose was added to a photo taken at Nunnington Hall

this one is just a doodle and not added to anything else

Friday 22 July 2022

Sun Bears

 This is another animal on the endangered list

Pen and watercolour

This was the first painting I attempted of the sun bear. I used bamboo pens and inks. I didn't like the outcome so I had another go at the same picture but with watercolours and pen. Still not great so I did the one at the top. Guess I need some more practice with sun bears.

These are the bamboo pens and inks I used.
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A little bit of information about the sun bear. They are one of the most endangered species in the world due to habitat destruction, poaching for sun bear bile [used in traditional medicine] and because of over exploitation for their body parts which are used in ceremonial dances. They are found in Indonesia and other South East Asian countries.
Bear Bile Farming - moon bears, sun bears and brown bears are kept in tiny cages also known as crush cages, sometimes so small that the bears cannot turn around or stand up. Some exist in the cages their whole lives. Bear bile is collected by invasive extraction methods resulting in many infections. Most farmed bears are starved and dehydrated as this can encourage bile production. What they do to these bears is evil and heart breaking and totally unnecessary.

Read more about bile farming here

and watch a video on this page here

Tuesday 19 July 2022


 I used one of my older paintings to make a repeat pattern for fabric or paper. 

I'll put it on Spoonflower one day.

Friday 15 July 2022

Musk Deer


pen, inktense pencils, water and oil pastels

Musk Deer are on the endangered list. They are often killed by hunters to obtain the musk which is used in perfumes and medicines. Hunting and habitat destruction endanger the present day survival of all musk deer species. The Siberian musk deer is the most threatened.

pen and watercolour

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Tuesday 12 July 2022

White Rhino in Ink

 This white rhino was drawn with a bamboo pen and ink.

There are two genetically different subspecies of white rhino - Northern and Southern. As of March 2018 there are only two Northern white rhinos left, both of them female. [Kenya]. The last males died in 2018 but sperm was collected to fertilize eggs. Of the two females left, one has been retired from the breeding program due to age and health.

Friday 8 July 2022

White Rhino

 I managed to do some new artwork, yeah. 

I thought I would continue in my book of endangered species.

White Rhino of Africa. There are two genetically different sub species - Northern and Southern.
As of March 2018 there are only two rhinos of the Northern [Kenya] species left and both are female.

I used pen, watercolours and oil pastels on watercolour paper.
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Tuesday 5 July 2022


 A digital doodle in two stages

Another digital creation

My plan for this month was to join in with the World Watercolor Month, but I have done nothing so far! Hope I get my mojo back.

Friday 1 July 2022

Friday Catch Up 1July22

 I had visitors last week and I've been away for a couple of days this week so no new art. I did this digital work a while ago but never posted about it.

A tablet doodle, then made into a repeating pattern on the computer.

Another tablet doodle, then I used various filters on the computer to change it. The last pink one is the original.

Do you remember my hare with sunflowers postcard? I painted it for the Twitter Art Exhibition where the postcards are sold for charity, this time for the encephalitis society. The good news is that mine has been sold. There are some other art postcards left for sale if anyone wants to purchase one, see here.