Thursday 31 October 2019

Happy Halloween

Day 31 - Doodlewash - Pumpkin
Inktober- Ripe
I saw these beauties in Vancouver
Back home I saw these at Beamish Museum

Shop window decorations at Heathrow Airport

These were seen in the bakery shop window at Beamish Museum
Swedes were used before pumpkins around here. 
Pumpkins were expensive and I doubt they were available when I was a child.

More things at Beamish Museum

Wednesday 30 October 2019

Art Challenges - Doodlewash and Inktober

Day 21 - Doodlewash  - Lantern
Inktober -Treasure
Day 22 -  Doodlewash  - Moonlight
Inktober - Ghost [forgot to take photo before painting]
Day 24 - Doodlewash - Cat
Day 25 - Doodlewash - Cookies
Inktober -Tasty

Day 28 - Doodlewash - Broomstick
Inktober -Ride

Tuesday 29 October 2019


These are the few decorated Elmer's I have seen. Not many considering there are 50 big [like these] and 114 little ones. They are to raise funds for St Oswald's Hospice. You can see the herd here and find out more about the scheme

Friday 25 October 2019

Farm Animals and Kaleidoscope

This is one from my A3 sketchbook, highly decorated farm animals, drawn with ink first then painted with watercolours.

An up and coming contest at Spoonflower is entitled kaleidoscope and I was thinking of entering one of these. I prefer the butterflies but does it look like a kaleidoscope pattern?

The original single patterns before making them into repeating patterns.

It's Friday again so I'm linking with Paint Party Friday