Friday 28 June 2024

Friday Catch Up - 28 06 2024

 Doodlewash Art Challenge

Friday Face Off

22. Cat, 23. Trifle

20. Sea Bunny

21. Redstart

24. Pangolin

25. Shima Enaga

26. Goblin Shark

27. Farm House

Beamish Museum - all from the Aged Mineworker's cottages from the 50's apart from the one with green door [looking through the window] which was in the pit village and the door into the cupboard storing bobby helmets from the 50's village police house.

at Waldridge [taken in February]

Sending flowers to Cee's Flower of the Day

Friday 21 June 2024

Friday Catch Up 21 06 2024

Doodlewash Art Challenge

13. Echidna
14. Gummy Bear
15. Blobfish
16. Sword
17. Crinum Lily
18. Pie

Altered Photographs
Digital doodles added to my photographs

I had a good show of poppies this year.

at the Baltic, Newcastle

Retired Miners Cottage
50's Police House
Farm House bedroom window

Paphos, Cyprus

I actually took this photo because of the hanging pink bicycle.
Happy Weekend


Friday 14 June 2024

Friday Catch Up - 14 06 2024

 Doodlewash art Challenge

Friday Face Off

10. Thermos, 11. Elf Owl

9. Boardwalk
12.  Lantana

Some of the windows of St Helen's Church at Beamish

Grand Palace, Bangkok

Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge
Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

Friday 7 June 2024

Friday Catch Up - 07 06 2024

Doodlewash Art Challenge

1. Aardvark
2. Pebbles 
3. Lemur, 4. Sugarcane
5. Tomato, 6. Hornbill
7. Mallow, 8. Takahe

Birthday Card
My Granddaughter made me a birthday card featuring me and her, a good one for Friday Face Off

Gelliplate Prints
Can you see the faces on the first one? It's an image transfer by using a page from a magazine.
I used handmade stamps and found objects for the next two

Church windows at Beamish Museum

More from Beamish, this time the office in the mining village