Friday 28 July 2023

Friday Catch Up - 28 07 23

Doodlewash Watercolour Challenge



[Fragment of Egyptian fabric with hippopotamus]

I'm linking to Friday Face Off

A seat at the allotments for Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge

My daughter has a plot there, not shown in these pics. 
She recently broke her wrist so it's got even more overgrown than it was.

I was walking by and took the photo with my mobile phone



Thursday 27 July 2023

Monday 17 July 2023

Airplane View


Leaving Lanzarote in April

During the flight

Almost home, landing at Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Friday 14 July 2023

Time for a Drink in Lake Garda

Garda, Lake Garda
Bardolino, Lake Garda
Photos taken last year.


Coastal Walk

On a coastal walk from Souter Lighthouse we saw this circular labyrinth at Whitburn on Jackie's Beach..
It is called Finn's Labyrinth and was created in 2015 in memory of a dog with stones collected from a variety of places.


Watercolour Paintings

 Monito del Monte. I've never seen one of these creatures in real life.
My entry for Friday Face Off

An attempt at Anna Mason's viola, I tend rush through so my attempt is not as detailed as it probably should be.

I'm pleased to say that my puppy dog postcard sold at the Twitter Art Exhibit to raise funds for charity. There are still postcards to buy online here. Special offer buy 4 gat 1 free now.



Pink hawthorn [it doesn't show up well on the photo but it was really beautiful]

white hawthorn
Seen in Bedale, North Yorkshire


Thursday 13 July 2023

Monday 10 July 2023


 I recently went on my first ocean cruise which was to Norway [from Tilbury, London]

The first stop was Bergen

You can see the ship in this photo

We travelled up the mountain on the funicular. This view was through the window going down the mountain.

 We saw trolls - actually this one was in a shop doorway, a lot of them on top of the mountain had seen better days

There were some lovely drain grates

If only all McDonald's looked like this!

Back to the ship for cocktails in the Observatory bar

Next stop was Flam

Here we boarded the Flam train which passed through lovely countryside. It stopped at the Kjosfossen waterfall for a photo shoot.

At Myrdal we had to change to a regular train, this wasn't as much fun as the Flam train, it was delayed then stopped for ages at each stop which of course gave us less time to spend at Voss. We had a lovely lunch at Voss then spent a little time by the lake. Notice the snow on the mountains, it wasn't cold in fact it was quite hot about 27 degrees.

A coach then took us to another waterfall, this one was called Tvindefossen which was spectacular.

I did a diary page for each day, this is my favourite page, the others look a bit boring

Bye Bye Flam

Next stop Eidjford and a coach trip to Vorringsfossen waterfalls. There were several waterfalls here and walkways and bridges. 

Unfortunately there was not enough time to get to the closest spot to the waterfall[ which can be seen in this photo on close up] We got some rain here so I'm glad I took the plastic macs.

Next stop was the Sysen Dam, there was hardly any water there but we could see a glacier in the distance.

We stopped at another waterfall on the way back to the ship and I also took some photos through the coach window, this is one.

Our next stop was to be Haugesund but we didn't make it. It was foggy so we were hanging about a
little way off, the port was shut as it was to dangerous to venture there. It was still the same at lunchtime so the Captain made the decision to head back to Tilbury early. We didn't get back early, the ship just went slower to get there. This is the view from the ship that morning.

We'd got a trip booked so unfortunately we missed that but there is nothing anyone can do about the weather. The sea was really calm for most of the journey.

I enjoyed my first ocean cruise, the scenery was stunning. 
The cabin, staff, food and entertainment were all good too.

I'm linking to Monday Window as there were a few photos of windows.